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We are so excited to be able to welcome everyone back to the Gold Coast from 13th December 2021. We have missed you all so much over the last 2 years. 

You are no doubt aware that the Gold Coast tourism operators have had a really tough time over the last 2 years with borders opening and closing, lockdowns and we have missed all of our friends and visitors from across Australia. 

We love showcasing the Gold Coast to the world and we want everyone who visits to have an exceptional experience.  

So while we had some time on our hands we created a fun little video and song to show you the best bits of the Gold Coast. We have used the tune from an amazing Australian song that everyone in tourism considers to be our anthem.  

We will fly, way up high
Where the sea spray blows
Or in the sun laughing and having fun
With all the people that we know
And although the isolation kept us separated
You know the world didn’t fall apart
And now we’re free to travel again
Holidays are good for the heart
Can’t you hear us?
Oh, we missed you so much

Covid’s under control, now we’re ready to go

There’s so much to see, on the Gold Coast
Take a ride on the jet-boat, yeah yeah
Surfin’ on the waves, little darlin’
And when you land we’ll pick you up, pick you upppppppppppp

We need you now, more than you know
Our staff can’t wait to say hello
So pack your bags jump into the car
Hit the road its almost check-in time
I’ve seen all the people of the world
Staying home to save lives
See them trying every way they know how
To make their sanity last
We’ve been busy
Cleaning up and down
Got things ready for you please come back to our town

There’s so much to see, on the Gold Coast
You’ll go ridin on the Aquaduck, yeah yeah
Flying through the sky, little darlin’
And if you fall we’ll pick you up, pick you up

There’s so much to see, on the Gold Coast
Scuba diving under wa-ter, yeah yeah
Paddle on a SUP, little darlin’
And if you fall weI’ll pick you up, pick you up

Come see the green behind the Gold Coast
You’ll go walking on the tree tops, yeah yeah

Up the mountain high, little darlin’
From your hotel we’ll pick you up, pick you up

There’s so much to see & do on the Gold Coast
Take a cruise to see the Whales, yeah yeah
Even Migaloo says hi, little darlin’
It’s family fun for every one, every one.

There’s so much to see, on the Gold Coast
Building castles on the beaches, yeah yeah
So book your holiday, on the Gold Coast
Come play with us coz we need you, we need you.

Performed by Allison Forner includes:

The Gold Coast’s top experiences featured in the clip are:

Southern Cross Tours
Hot Air Balloon Gold Coast
Get Wet Surf School
Go Vertical Stand Up Paddle
iFly Indoor Skydiving
Novotel Surfers Paradise
Paradise Jet Boating
Queensland Scuba Diving
Sea World Whale Watching

So there is no better time to jump on a plane, get in your car and come back to the Gold Coast!

We will see you soon!