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Payment Types Available

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Over the years the team at Aquaduck have tried to ensure we always use the latest technology and accept as many payment types as possible.

Currently we accept: Visa, Mastercard, Cash, JCB, American Express, Paypal, We Chat Pay, Alipay, China Union Pay and now Afterpay. 

Just three years ago we set up to accept China Union Pay cards through our banking provider. China Union Pay has the largest number of card holders in the world and is supported by 70 of the worlds largest banks and over 29 million card holders in China alone.  

Two years ago we went to extreme lengths to set up Alipay & WeChat pay for our chinese speaking customers from Australia and overseas. We ended up partnering with Tyro for these services. 

Aquaduck has Alipay enabled on their Tyro EFTPOS machine. By providing Chinese customers with their payment system, it’s ensured more customers come direct to AquaDuck, more walk up traffic, and more add on sales of merchandise and photos. “Chinese tourists to our business are very, very important. It’s our biggest growth market here on the Gold Coast, [and] … the biggest growth market for Aquaduck.”

“Our customers have been really happy with the fact that they can use Alipay at Aquaduck because it’s not only in buying their tickets, they can use Alipay on the actual Ducks when they’re buying souvenirs and merchandise. Essentially it’s ensured that more customers come direct to us” – Sarah Colgate, Managing Director, Aquaduck

In 2020, Aquaduck jumped on board with the “buy now, pay later” movement and added Afterpay to our list of payment options.  Afterpay is an Australian company that provides a kind of reverse lay-by system. In this case you buy the product now and pay for it in instalments over time. Your Afterpay account can be attached to a debit or credit card, allowing you the option of paying off purchases and experiences over time. This trend will increase with Christmas around the corner. Now buying gifts, experiences and a range of other purchases is easier for more than 1 million people here in Australia. 

With Aquaduck accepting Afterpay, customers can book for the Gold Coast Aquaduck and Sunshine Coast Aquaduck tours. Enjoy a summer of fun and create memories with their families. 

Call us to book your Aquaduck experience and pay with Afterpay. Phone: 5539 0222

Payment Types-01