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Best Burgers in Surfers Paradise


Why Milky Lane Surfers Paradise makes the best burgers on the Gold Coast!

Close your eyes and open your hands, imagine the soft brioche bun between your fingertips, crisp lettuce, red tomato and caramelised onion rings peeping at you from their bed above a slightly melted slice of cheddar cheese as it softens over the perfectly seasoned organic beef patty, supported lovingly by a brioche base. Saliva glands in action you open wide and take that first heavenly bite… the crunch, the chew, the taste, that little drip of sauce that runs down your chin and you know you’re in your happy hamburger place. Now multiply that by 10 and you’re closer to the Milky Lane burger experience.

Would you like fries with that? When it comes to side dishes, Milky Lane takes it to a whole new level with their sweet potato fries served with coconut aioli, loaded fries and Mushroom mac and cheese croquettes. The humble side dish is no more, and even the onion rings are served with the signature Milky Lane special sauce. For the month of May you can also try these super special Cheesy Garlic Shrimp Fries…mmmmm


Tucked in next to the Aquaduck sales office at the river end of Cavill Ave Surfers Paradise Milky Lane oozes urban street appeal. Edgy furnishings and walls laden with graffiti and portraits of RnB rappers create a laid-back cruisy atmosphere. It’s the perfect location for DJ’s spinning the decks with a relaxed medley of hip hop and house music every Sunday afternoon. Fill up a booth with a group of your nearest and dearest and enjoy your own version of ‘guess who’ as you reminisce through the RnB and hip hop hall of fame to put faces to the names of these immortal artists.

Cocktails,  mocktails and desserts to die for also feature on the menu. Take your love of the Golden Gaytime to new heights as the team at Milky Lane coat it with crushed biscuits and cornflakes, it’s deep fried and finished off with a drizzle of Maple Syrup and Nutella. This is the ultimate dessert fix for even the sweetest sweet tooth

So what are you waiting for?… next time you’re in Surfers Paradise head on over to Milky Lane and sink your teeth into a Kevin Bacon, Chick Kanye or Limp Brisket today… yes we said that correctly. If you are bringing the family into Surfers Paradise for the day why not book our Aquaduck and Milky Lane meal deal and save 25% on your Aquaduck Tour and Burger Meal combo.

Surfers Paradise Milky Lane
is located at:

1/38 Cavill Ave, Surfers Paradise QLD 4217, Australia


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