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Aquaduck Gold Coast Gets Set To Reopen

Life as we know it has changed so much over the past few months and the word Coronavirus, which many of us hadn’t even heard of is now a primary part of our vocabulary. Three months ago the Aquaduck Management team made the decision to temporarily shut down operations at both Aquaduck Gold Coast and Airlie Beach.  The following weeks saw government regulations come into effect which meant that many more businesses had to close their doors as the health impacts of covid-19 began to affect Australia. It has been a tough few months and we have worked hard through this time to keep as many of our staff employed as we can and to spend time improving the business so that we reopen as a new and improved Aquaduck.

As social distancing restrictions are slowly lifted allowing you to leave the house  and start getting out and about again, we ask you to please support our local businesses. The Gold Coast tourism industry has been hit hard by covid-19 and it is predicted it will take years for the industry to recover. We need all Queenslanders to make the choice and take action in supporting local tourism operators by holidaying within the state this year. Come and enjoy the sunshine, the clean air, the crystal clear waterways and experience some of that famous Queensland hospitality. You’ve spent months cooped up at home, home-schooling and entertaining the kids, learning how to zoom, skype, teams and house party. Embrace this new freedom, get outside, jump in the car and come have some fun!

Danny Duck under Surfers Paradise Sign

We are excited to announce that our reopening date for Aquaduck Gold Coast is now confirmed for Saturday 27th June 2020. Our staff are very excited to be back at work and running tours again. All our lives have changed following covid-19 and the pandemic will have some lasting effects on the way we operate our business. You will see some changes at Aquaduck and we appreciate your support and understanding as we all adjust to our new normal. We understand that customers may feel uncertain about getting out and about again and we would like to assure you that your health and safety is our priority. Please read on for further details of our reopening details and new hygiene procedures. If you should have any specific queries that are not answered below feel free to contact us and our staff will help you with your query. If you’re not ready to travel just yet you can support us and other tour operators by purchasing a gift voucher online to use at a later date. Aquaduck gift vouchers are valid for 3 years. 


Opening hours and tour times

When we reopen on 27th  June 2020 we will be operating on a limited departure schedule with tour availability subject to demand. We will maintain adequate social distancing on tour we will be operating with a maximum of 20 passengers per tour until further notice.
Please visit our online booking page to check tour times and availability.

Gold Coast tours

Throughout the Queensland school holidays 27th June – 12th  July we aim to operate up to 5 Gold Coast tours daily departing at 10am, 11.15am, 12.30pm, 3pm and 4.15pm, subject to demand. Following the school holidays, we will continue to offer availability in line with demand. Additional departures can be added for group bookings or kids parties – please contact us directly to discuss your preferred departure date and time.

Please remember that check in time is 20 minutes prior to your scheduled tour time. We recommend booking in advance to avoid disappointment.
You can book instantly online via our website or you can call us to book over the phone on 07 5539 0222.


Airlie Beach tours 

Watch this space for an update on Airlie Beach

Covid-19 Hygiene and physical distancing

As much as we are bursting with excitement to have you out on tour with us, we are committed to providing the safest environment for our customers both on and off the duck. We are keeping abreast of regulations and advice from the government health officials and are working with health and safety specialist for the implementation of our approved covid-19 action plan. To answer some of the questions you may have regarding the new safe hygiene and physical distancing practices:

  • Customer seating in the departure lounge
    We have repositioned all customer seating from our check-in and pre tour waiting area to be 1.5m away from others. You will also be encouraged to wait outside the office where there is more space and fresh air for you to keep your distance from other passengers.
  • Where do I stand and sit?
    You will notice we have put up posters and stickers around our office and on the ducks advising all customers where they can stand and sit to maintain distancing. These also serve as a reminder to keep 1.5metres from other customers and staff. You will also notice that you will be boarded onto the Aquaduck in your travelling group. Please do not move seats once we seat you on the duck as we need to allow enough space between different family groups.
  • What are you doing about contact areas?
    We are wiping down all high contact areas including hand rails, seat handles, reception counter and boarding passes after each tour. One of the highlights of our tour is when kids have the opportunity to steer the Duck. So that we can continue to offer this feature safely you will see that the driver wears a mask and gloves when having the kids come up to take their turn at steering. We are also cleaning the steering wheel after each child takes their turn at steering the duck.
  • Can I wash my hands before the tour?
    We do not have hand washing facilities available at our departure area. However, we are providing automatic hand sanitiser machines so you can clean your hands when you arrive. We are also providing hand sanitiser on-board the Duck. Masks are also available from reception if you feel that you require one. We have sourced 75% alcohol, hospital grade hand sanitiser to ensure it is effective in killing bacteria and germs.

Life in Lockdown

The three months spent in hibernation wasn’t all spent making tiktok videos and watching tiger king… we had a handful of our key staff working hard behind the scenes on some exciting projects. Some of these you may have already seen, or will see when you join us on-board, some of them you will see come to fruition over the second half of the year. These sales, marketing and operational improvements include:

  • Head to toe clean and disinfecting of our operations including all three ducks, departure terminal and our behind the scenes offices and workshop areas.  
  • All three ducks have had their seats removed, foam has been replaced and they have been recovered in snazzy new fabric.
  • Internally, our senior staff have been able to use the time to work on the business rather than in it. They have conducted a review of our entire operation, creating more productivity and efficiencies in what we do, and the customer experience we provide.
  • Our digital and marketing team have been hard at work keeping you dreaming of that next Gold Coast holiday, sharing fun facts, competitions, videos and activities to keep you amused during isolation, writing blogs, and keeping you aware of our covid-19 updates.
  • We have checked over each duck from top to toe, performing a variety of mechanical maintenance and improvements. 
  • To improve efficiency in our vessel maintenance department, the team have designed and implemented a new maintenance software system.
  • New digital and video training manual for staff to ensure we offer the best possible service to all our customers. 
  • Review of the tour and the service we provide to all customers with the view of making regular improvements. 
  • A new sunset tour is currently under development and will begin operating later in the year. This is exciting as it will provide a leisurely tour with food and beverages provided while you enjoy the picturesque scenery of the Gold Coast at sunset.

There is no question that the reopening of the tourism industry will see some changes to how we operate our tours. Things will look a little different and we will all be a little more conscious of our health, but what won’t change is our commitment to you. We strive to provide our customers with a fantastic tour showcasing the history, culture and beauty of our home town as we create a positive experience that families and friends can share together. To make this possible we need your support.

Please visit us on the Aquaduck soon. We can’t wait to meet you!