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5 reasons why gift vouchers make great gifts

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Christmas is just around the corner and along with the festive cheer comes the cash draining, oftentimes stressful task of trying to find Christmas gifts for all your nearest and dearest. As much as we all seem to love and accept the magic plastic credit card, the poor old gift voucher seems to have earned itself a negative reputation over the years. Mainly due to the perception that gift cards are impersonal to the receiver and a lazy option for the giver. However, we believe there are numerous benefits of giving a gift card for you and the receiver and the humble gift card might actually be the perfect gift you’re looking for.

As you will learn when you read on, the benefits of gift cards include:

  • Ultimately it’s a gift the receiver will love
  • You save money and time
  • Allow you to give the gift of fun
  • They can be practical and make life easier
  • You can save a fortune on postage

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Ultimately it’s a gift the receiver will love:


If you had $50 what would you spend it on? Chances are what you would choose would be very different to what someone else would choose for you. By giving a gift voucher you allow the receiver to purchase something they genuinely want. Even if your voucher is for a particular store, restaurant or experience, the receiver can choose what to buy, when to go and who to take with them. Better to receive a voucher for an online retailer than another scented reed diffuser which will only get returned, or regifted.


You save money and time:


Let’s face it Christmas is a hectic time of year. Work deadlines before the shut-down period and public holidays, kids off school, visitors coming to stay, setting up Christmas decorations and preparing food for the big day. The yule tide to do list can be epic and all these tasks are vying your time and energy. When you do venture out to the overcrowded shopping centres the carpark is packed, its 35+ degrees, all the trolleys are gone and so is the bottle of perfume you were intending to buy for your Aunt Rosie. Do you really need that stress in your life?


Gift cards allow you to save time searching store to store for the perfect gift, hustling the crowds in the carpark and checkout queues and ensure you will stay on budget. With a gift card you choose the gift value ensuring you spend the same amount on all your nieces and nephews so no one gets upset, including your accountant. You can shop from the convenience of your own home, you don’t even have to get out of your PJ’s.



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Gift Card

Allow you to give the gift of fun:

We are a society addicted to fast fashion and consumerism. We have so much ‘stuff’ we need bigger houses, sheds and offsite storage. Not to mention the impact this excessive consumption of material objects is having on the environment. Do people really need more stuff? We work hard to pay for the stuff often resulting in less time off to enjoy our lives with the people who matter most. By giving an experience gift card you are not only creating less clutter in people’s lives but you are giving the gift of fun. You are facilitating the creation of lifelong memories, and that is pretty cool. Most of the Aquaduck gift vouchers we sell are purchased with this intention, to provide fun memories for loved ones. Which would you prefer – a new pair of sneakers or an experience to go on a heart pumping jet boat ride through the Gold Coast Broadwater.

They can be practical and make life easier:

The odds are if you choose to give a gift voucher your gift is less likely to end up shoved in the bottom drawer of the buffet, returned to store it was purchased from, or regifted down the track. Instead your receiver has the opportunity to choose an item they genuinely want or need. Gift vouchers can be practical if they are spent on items that you really need and make the perfect gift for someone who never spends money on themselves.

Gift vouchers need not be impersonal either. By having a chat with your receiver you can purchase a voucher for the store where they spotted that wall mirror or new appliance they really wanted, shout them that pamper session they deserve or enable them to undertake an experience they have always wanted to try, and you don’t get much more personal than that.

You can save a fortune on postage:

How great is it when you find that perfect gift in a shop take it home wrap it up and get ready to send it off to your BFF. And how quickly that feeling of accomplishment fades away when you head down to the post office to find that your $15 gift is going to cost another $11 to post. Then reality hits, you could’ve just bought your friend a $25 gift voucher for the store where you bought the original gift from. Or a $15 voucher and kept the other $10 in your pocket (or on the credit card). The other $1 cover the postage cost to send the voucher… I’m no maths whiz but even I can see which option is the better value here.


So there you have it – 5 reasons why gift vouchers really do make great gifts. Hopefully this post has shed some of the negative stigma and given credibility to the humble gift voucher. Don’t forget you can purchase your Aquaduck gift vouchers online and receive them instantly. Whether you choose to give a physical gift or a gift voucher this Christmas we hope you have a wonderful festive season. After all, Christmas is about so much more than the exchanging of gifts.