Aquaduck Discounts for Carers and Companion card holders.


Aquaduck Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast offer great discounts for Carers and Companions to say thank you for the work you do in our community. 

We understand there are a number of programs available that provide discounts and free tickets for carers and companions which is amazing.  At this stage Aquaduck is not able to participate in specific programs for Carers and Companion Card holders. This is simply due to the limited capacity we have available on our tours at the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast.

However, if you hold a Carers or Companion Card we can provide you with a very generous offer of 

50% off the carers/companion ticket when purchased with a concession ticket. 


Carers Card / Companion Card Holders:

We offer a 50% discount for companion/carers card holders who are accompanying their clients on an Aquaduck tour. If you hold a Carer Business Discount Card or Companion Card please advise our reservations team when making your booking. The client will pay the applicable full price and the companion/carers card holder will receive 50% off their ticket. For further information visit


This significant discount is exclusive to carers/companion card holders. We value and appreciate what carers /companions do in our community and we love the support they provide to Aquaduck on a regular basis. Thank you. 

For more discounts and offers head to the Queensland Government Services Page.