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Aquaduck COVID-19 Response

As the world we live in is thrown into chaos as a result of the COVID-19 crisis we wanted to update you on what is happening at Aquaduck Gold Coast and Airlie Beach.

Tours are still operating and we will continue to follow the advice and directives from government and health bodies as the situation continues to evolve. In addition to our regular thorough cleaning process the following additional practices have been implemented:

  • Disinfecting seat handles and handrails after each tour.
  • Additional disinfecting of customer waiting area, merchandise and high contact areas.
  • Restricted handling of merchandise on tour.
  • Wiping down steering wheel after each child steers the duck.
  • Hand sanitiser available at reception area.
  • EFTPOS machine cleaned after use.
  • Aquaduck vessels have a capacity of 29 pax for Airlie Beach and 30pax for Gold Coast, well below the current recommended numbers for social distancing.
  • All staff are practicing additional personal hygiene including increased hand washing and reduced personal contact with customers. Staff who have any cold like symptoms are not to come to work.

If you do need to cancel your tour with us please get in touch at your earliest convenience so we can help you. We also ask that you consider rescheduling your ride or exchanging for a gift voucher wherever possible. 

Aquaduck is a small, locally owned business and as such we do not have the financial support of a large multi-national parent company to provide security during this time. We are doing our best to keep our tours operating and keep as many of our staff employed as we can. As tourism continues to experience its rapid free-fall we are taking every day as it comes. You may notice our availability becoming more limited as we switch our operations over to a demand-based model.

The past few weeks have been tough on all our staff from the front line through to the company directors. “I have never been prouder of our amazing Aquaduck team. Their resilience, patience and understanding has been extraordinary through these uncertain times, even as their hours have been cut and they worry about their own loved ones and their financial future. We will continue to support our staff in every way possible to minimise the impact as much as we can.” Sarah Colgate, General Manager.

Aquaduck Gold Coast and Airlie Beach has been providing fun holiday memories aboard our iconic amphibious ducks for over 23 years and we look forward to continuing to do this for many more years to come when this pandemic is over. We encourage you that when this all over, before you jump on the next plane to Bali for a cheap holiday, think first about supporting our local Australian tourism economy and make the choice to holiday here first. Your choice will keep local businesses like ours afloat and enable us to re-employ staff sooner. In the meantime, we hope that everyone stays safe, stays healthy and stays kind.

Please do not hesitate to contact our Gold Coast head office with any queries on 07 5539 0222 or email info@aquaduck.com.au. We will continue to provide updates if/when changes to operations occur. We recommend following our social media accounts for the latest updates.

You can download our Covid-19 response statement below:

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