Kids can drive the Aquaduck!
Experience the Gold Coast by land and water without even leaving your seat. Your return journey will begin in the heart of Surfers Paradise, taking in the spectacular views of the beaches, luxury homes and terrific views on the broadwater.

Aquaduck Gold Coast Attractions & Sightseeing Tours

Experience the city as you never have before! Your Ducktacular land and water tour begins with a bit of ducking and weaving around the streets of Surfers Paradise, followed by a waddle along the glorious beaches and up to the magnificent Versace and Marina Mirage Resorts.

That's where our Aquaduck gets to show its true colours with a bit of 'duck diving' into the spectacular Broadwater and you get to experience the thrill of the big splash! Do more and experience more on the Aquaduck than you would on any of the city's boat tours.

Cruise along and take in the sights of the beautiful waterways and of course the fabulous millionaire's row.

The Aquaduck has a unique seating layout which offers you more room to stand and move around, along with great views. The Gold Coast is a beautiful part of the country, and our sightseeing tours let you see more of the city than you would on even the longest boat cruises.

We look forward to welcoming you aboard soon on our spectacular Gold Coast Attraction!

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Information about the Gold Coast

Gold Coast is a popular tourist spot along South East Queensland with many tourist attractions to keep visitors entertained. Whether be it the beautiful coastline on a beautiful day, or the nightlife filled with clubs and parties, the city has something for everybody to enjoy. Not only do tourists love the urban life in such a dense city, but the subtropical climate and large coastline makes a great place to sit back in the sun and catch some waves for a good surf.

Tourists looking for culture will not be disappointed either; there are many landmarks and tourist destinations which will appease even the most discerning of culture enthusiasts. Surfers who prefer the sights and sounds of the beach will feel just as comfortable in our town as a land-locked, urban-dwelling tourist would. You may end up booking a flight here for your next vacation if you prefer a warm, sandy beach to visit.

The Geography and Rich History of our City

Located along the coast of South East Queensland, over 90 kilometers south of Brisbane, the Gold Coast is the sixth most populous city in all of Australia, and holds the largest cross-state population in the whole of the country. This may be because of the dense urban area which, along with the warm sandy beaches, is what the region is known for.

One of the major tourist destinations in all of Australia, the high rises and urban areas provide a stark contrast to the warm subtropical climate of the region. It will not be unusual to find businessmen clad in suits alongside large congregations of surfers because of this; a welcome anomaly in a general population of people is what some may think.

Once you have established a way to get here, it is time to enjoy the sights, sounds and attractions that our part of the country has to offer. They can come in many shapes and forms, from boat trips to find dining, but there is bound to be one that you will find interesting and fun.

What To See

Ours is a city ripe with culture and activities to meet any tourist's sensibilities. From surfing to sightseeing and even partying all night, tourists will have no problem finding fun in and around town.

  • Warm, sandy beaches Over 40 kilometers of the coastline is covered by beaches. There are over 30 of them for a tourist to choose from, nearly all of which are patrolled by live savers and coast guards to ensure the safety of swimmers, surfers and tourists alike.
  • The Hinterland Affectionately known as the green behind the gold, the Hinterland offers a grassy forest which provides great contrast to the region’s warm sandy beaches. Covered in subtropical rainforest, there are three national parks in this large, forested area that tourists can kick back and relax in.
  • Surfers Paradise – While not as prestigious as it used to be, Surfers Paradise has turned into a wonderful hodge podge of flea markets and bodegas which reward the prudent shopper. Aside from shopping, many neat little Japanese and Korean eateries and restaurants can be found here, which are as tasty as they are affordable.
  • Tedder Avenue Tourists looking to sample the local culinary attractions may want to stop by Tedder Avenue. With a large concentration of and restaurants to choose from, everybody from the gourmet to the downright hungry will find something great to eat here.

Surfing and gawking at executives in suits isn't the only thing the city has to offer in the way of tourist attractions. A vibrant nightlife made even more adventurous with the beautiful coastline is one of the selling points that party people love about here so much. In fact, the city almost joins with the urban sprawls of Brisbane and Logan, making bar-hopping across state lines possible.

Explorers first noted the region as early as the 1770's. Mermaid Beach was a result of one of these explorations; explorer John Oxley landed on a local beach, and decided to name it after his boat named Mermaid? The famous Surfers Paradise hotel was erected later in 1925, which was later turned into a large resort complex.

Getting Around To The Sights and Sounds

Erected in 1981, the Gold Coast airport has been the primary entry point into the region for both businessmen and tourists alike. While it may seem like a fairly small terminal compared to other airports in major Australian cities, it handles over 3 million passengers a year from both connecting flights and departures. From the airport, it is about a half an hour drive to Surfers Paradise.

Tourists who are already in Australia can also take a train. Major cities like Sydney and New South Wales run trains that go to and from Gold Coast, but be aware that train terminals can get rather crowded during the peak seasons. Taking a train can also be rather slow and expensive, but that should be no problem for a tourist wanting to see the rest of Australia during a vacation outing.

Armed with a little street knowledge and the curiosity a good tourist should have, you should have no problem hunting down all the best attractions that our town has to offer.

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